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Demos and Rentals

Try it before you buy it

As always, all new bikes in the shop can also tested in the area around the shop, but also have a couple of bikes which can be taken home to demo for the day or the weekend. It's a great way to give a bike a try on your home trails or roads, and are available at no charge for 1 hour test rides or available to rent. The mountain bikes from our personal fleet are also available to test on the trails. 

We expect the demo fleet to be expanded and refreshed in late 2021 once the bike shortage subsides. 

Scott Sub-Active eRide


Some equipment you just need for a few hours, days or weeks. Instead of buying something you won't use often, you can rent from STBG.

Quarq ShockWiz

The ShockWiz from Quarq is a “suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app.”

When installed on your bike, the ShockWiz automatically evaluates your ride and provides detailed analysis to refine your pressure, dampening, volume spacers and more for your fork or rear shock, with details delivered to your smartphone.

Now, you can dial in your ride by renting the ShockWiz for one week from the Velo Studio! Contact for details.

Evoc Pro Travel Cases

We have 2 Evoc Pro Travel Cases for rent to protect your baby on the journey, and travel through the airport with ease and style.

The Evoc Pro is easy to operate and pack travel case used by the pros to transport their bikes to events all over the World and though all sorts of airports and conditions. The Pro version includes the necessary mounting and protections for all types of bikes plus a clip on 3rd wheel to roll over airport floors swiftly while still lugging other bags.

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